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At Seypharma we're serious about customer service. We provide support and answers to your questions through a number of mediums which ensure you receive the best level of service possible. We guarantee to reply to your contact within 48 hours, although we strive to keep response time under 6 hours.

24x7x365 Helpdesk
Timely answers to your questions, day and night
The Seypharma helpdesk has been designed to help us communicate and serve YOU, our customers better. Using the helpdesk is quick and easy.

Phone (Toll Free from USA and Canada)
Please see our contact numbers below


The helpdesk system ensures you receive the best level of service possible, while retaining full documentation of our communications.

Using the helpdesk is quick and easy. To log in to our helpdesk or create a free helpdesk account, please click on the link below.

Please include your order number where possible.
This will help ensure an accurate and speedy response.

Tip: To have a helpdesk account created for you automatically, simply email your question to support@seypharma.com and our advanced software will add your email to our helpdesk database.

Havent heard from us?

Requested a new password, but you havent received it, or
Requested helpdesk assistance but you havent heard from us?

Read this article for more information and possible assistance.

Direct Contact Details
Seypharma is a licensed pharmacy of SeyalisCorp.
All Enquiries
 :  support@seypharma.com
Address  :  Seypharma
    Suite #854
    14781 Memorial Drive
    Houston, TX 77079
    Seyalis Corp
    12 Oliaji Trade Centre
    Francis Rachel Street


 :  +1 (855) 419 8992 *Toll FREE from within US*
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